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Music to soothe your hart and soul


In october of 2012 my wife and I got news of a baby soon to be on the way, tentatively scheduled for a june-ish of 2013 stork drop off. naturally this generated so many different feelings and passion that I had  never felt before. I channeled all these NEW THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS into SONGS with an extra personal feel and touch. Originally I was going to title this album chasing the moon, as during this time i got a 2nd job in preparation for the baby and did so with much blood and sweat. HOWEVER, AFTER THE FIRST FEW RECORDING SESSIONS, AND WITH THE POTENTIAL BABY NAMES SET IN STONE,(NOT KNOWING THE SEX) I FELT THAT A FULL DEDICATION WAS MORE APPROPRIATE AND POIGNANT. THUS I CHANGED THE TITLE AND after only a few more recording sessions this album was born and completed. MY DEADLINE TO COMPLETE THIS WAS BEFORE THE BABY ARRIVED SO I COULD RELEASE IT UPON HIS OR HER ARRIVAL. THE ALBUM WAS FULLY COMPLETE ON JUNE 8, 2013 AND AUTUMN HOPE WAS BORN TWO DAYS LATER, SUCCESS!

The Matthew Hart Song Catalog

 this album chronicles my years spent living in haverhill, ma, my lust for leaving the city environment and MY CONSTANT yearning for a HOUSE WITH A BIG YARD, WOODS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE, AND STARTING A FAMILY. During this 5 year period i was searching for my ultimate happiness  while battling anxiety and location hate. My need to move from the city to the country produced a vast array of passion and emotion that lay trapped in my mind. The songs that resulted are the raw emotions and ring true in every sense of each lyric.


1000 Doors

177 North Pleasant St.

29 Cents

2nd Sky

40 Million Minutes

A Little Happier

Another World


Autumn In June

Bad Memory

Big Moon

Cat Nap

Chasing the Moon

Cherry Vanilla

Cold Blood

Crazy Karma

Dead Things


Full On Dreamin

Good Butterflies



Halloween Every Night

Hampton Falls

October Sun

Hello Simplicity

Love To The Death

I Want Out

I’ll Be Your Kermit

If I Never Met You

ill See Ya Up There

Johnnycake Rain

Leavin for Good

Lonely Graves

Lost In Nowhere

Love Game

Lucky Fool

Mad Road

Made For Me

Make It Last

Mary Ann


Mr. Renter

My Favorite Sin

My Love

Never Settle

Old Moose

Panic Mode

Perfect Summers

Pourin’ Rain

Prayin] For Rain

Put Here to Love You


River Street

Sad Girl, Mad World

Same Ol' Thing


Saturday Love

She's Just For Me

Shot of happiness

So Damn Good

So Good At Loving You

So Much Better With You

Something More

Sour Days

Still So Into You


Sunshine Soup

Tell Me

That Feelin'

The Black Rose

The Change

The Common Man

The Fluxuator

The Fool In Me

The Good Stuff

The Keeper

The Miserable

The Other Me

Those Days

Toxic Love

Tuesday Nightmares

Under The Summer Moon


Vacant Hell

Velvet Queen

Vergennes, VT


Way Down

What Can I Do?

When Rain Falls

Writing in the Sand

You Can't Resist

many songs are still in production and have yet to be recorded. also, i am always writing so therefore always adding to this list, the creative mind knows no boundaries or when & how to stop.